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Formula Photo Shoot

PKU:  An abnormal thing in an otherwise normal picture

A couple of summers ago my best friend Kylie needed to do a portrait project for her photography class. She asked me to be her model. I was of course happy to do it!  She wanted the theme to have something to do with my PKU. So when we came over she said, “go get your milk.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I posed seriously like I did for my senior picture photo shoot except this time with my “milk,” or, formula, in hand. Then we realized it was just like my life! I have a normal life, except that I have PKU. Like my milk, PKU is an abnormal thing in an otherwise normal picture.

I hope all kids with PKU can accept their diet and embrace having PKU as simply a part of their life. If you follow the diet there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want to do. And in the mean time, PKU makes you unique!


6 thoughts on “Formula Photo Shoot

  1. I love the photo shoot! I have 2 little ones with PKU and I know that you’re right. They are perfectly normal kids with a little something extra!

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