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Embracing PKU

It’s actually pretty cool…

“What’s that?” is a question I get a LOT. Whether it’s drinking my medical formula or eating special low-protein pastas or skipping out on pizza (“…you don’t want pizza?”),  I’ve often drawn attention to myself at social gatherings. But having different eating habits is something I’ve had to accept.

I think when I was younger there were times when I was embarrassed to eat my special food in front of people. But my Mom always told me, “If you don’t care, they won’t care.” And she is absolutely right.

I’ve come to the point where I not only don’t mind answering questions about PKU, I love it! (…thus the entire blog about it) I mean to be honest, PKU gets me a lot of attention when I meet people and really breaks the ice (“wait, so…what do you eat??”), and I almost always get to pick the restaurant when I’m on a date. So having PKU has it’s perks!

My favorite restaurant to go to in Kent is King’s Teriyaki

In Provo, it’s Sakura


2 thoughts on “Embracing PKU

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I had never heard of PKU before, but I appreciate you not being embarrassed and accepting it. I know I could do that a lot more in my life with certain things.

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