Breakfast Options

What does a PKU person eat for breakfast?

One of the first things I do in the morning is make my formula so that I can get going on those Phe-free nutrients early on in the day. But my formula only supples 1000 calories each day, plus, I enjoy eating food! And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I always eat breakfast. But it doesn’t need to be big, because my formula is pretty filling. I often do the same thing over and over (cereal). But there actually several options to choose from!


I like to eat cereal that is low in protein and in sugar like corn chex or crispix. Multi-grain cheerios actually only have 2 g of protein and they’re kind of sweet, so those are some of my favorites. I also splurge for Kix every once in a while. I pour a non-dairy creamer like mocha-mix or coffee mate  over my cereal because they have no protein and no sugar. If I can’t find those I use rice milk. And there is nothing like topping it off with fresh fruit like berries or peaches! This makes the meal tastier and more nutritionally well-rounded.

Hash Browns and Orange juice

Every once in a while I’ve got to have that greasy salty taste complimented by sweet tangy orange juice. Especially if people around me are having bacon and eggs. This hits the spot and makes a good alternative. I like the potato patties. For some reason I have trouble successfully frying hash browns!

Low-Protein Pancakes

I have a great recipe for applesauce pancakes. They often turn out oily and sometimes even a little crispy. So, not quite like normal pancakes…but I love them!

Fruit and toast

Then there is always the plain and simple toast and a piece of fruit. During the winter I always have a half a grapefruit. You can make low-protein bread. Or, if you can tolerate it, some kinds of white bread only have 2 g of protein. I’ll toast up a piece of homepride white bread and spread some jam or honey on it.

So, there are a variety of breakfast ideas to choose from! With a little formula, that will start your day off right!


8 thoughts on “Breakfast Options

  1. I thank you for your breakfast recipes! Would you recommend any PKU friendly dairy free yogurts? Is there a reason you selected rice milk over almond milk? I appreciate the help!

  2. I have not really gotten into dairy-free yogurts. I tried So Delicious once and it was a little weird. Yogurt is one of the many things I am just used to doing without. And actually, now that I’m married and my husband drinks almond milk, I use it too. And I have recently discovered I like the taste of almond-coconut milk much better than plain almond milk.

  3. Thank you sooo soooo much for this wonderful blog. I am 15 and my 14 year old brother and 2 year old sister both have PKU. We are lds and I truly believe that my coming across this blog was no accident. I love my siblings so very much and only want them to be happy. With my brother dealing with depression problems and being bullied often because of his phenex at school, I have always been super excited to find these fun blogs full of meal ideas, etc. My mom feels so stressed all the time with 5 other kids and it’s just so hectic at dinner cooking multiple recipes and meal plans every day. Anyway….. Thank you so much. This blog has blessed our family in so many different ways.

    1. Oh I’m so happy to meet you! I’m so glad you like my blog. Sounds like you are a great sister, Elizabeth. I’m so sad to hear brother is bullied about his formula – that is so not cool! I hope he knows there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Having Pku just makes you unique. You can’t worry about what people think, but you do have to stick to the formula and the diet so you can stay healthy. Anyway, best of luck to you and your family!

    2. Elizabeth – I just stumbled across this awesome blog and read your comment. I realize your comment is over a year old now. I hope your family is doing well and your brother is getting through the jerks at school who think bullying is acceptable. We are new to the PKU world but have found a huge support system in our area around Dallas. I wonder how other areas are though. Sounds like your mom has an overflowing plate of work cut out for her! I really hope she has been able to find good support. It’s great that she has you to help and encourage!! If she or you need someone to talk to, I am around. Do you guys attend any of the summer PKU family camps?

      1. Oh I’m so glad this helps! I’m happy for you, your little girl and your family. You will do great on this journey. Have you found the worldwide phenylketonuria Facebook support group? I have lots of ideas for adults, but the Pku parents there would have lots of ideas for babies and toddlers.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your world! Our third daughter has PKU and is now starting baby foods. I’m very excited to join the PKU world. There is so much for our family to learn and we are looking forward to this insane adventure with our youngest girl. You are each one in over a million! It is wonderful to see shared recipes and words from someone who has lived in the PKU world so we have some idea of what our little girls future can look like.

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