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Meal Tip and ‘Goop’ Recipe

One big thing I am sure we all do is meal adaptations. Especially in a family, this becomes extremely useful. Growing up, my mom always made two meals — one for the “protein-eaters,” as we called them (my parents and two younger sisters), and one for the PKU child. My mom was very creative in making a low protein version of whatever they were eating for me. This was really nice. Some of my favorites are low-protein tortellini soup, low-protein Mexi-rice for burritos, and low-protein pasta salad. Now I also cook two meals — one for my protein-eating husband, and one for me. Here is an example of an adaptation inspired by a recipe my mom often made for me.

We call it, “Goop”.

I recently made this when I made Beef Stroganoff for my husband. There is no way to replicate beef and sour cream of course, but this way I get yummy slimy pasta along with him.


Loprofin pasta


Garlic salt


Olive oil

Coffee Mate or Mocha Mix

Cream of corn

I cook the pasta in boiling water, adding the peas in at the last minute or so. I make sure to cook the pasta “al dente” so it doesn’t fall apart when I’m stirring it around later. After draining the pasta, I put it back in the pan and add oil. I stir in some garlic salt and basil. Then I add just a bit, maybe a couple tablespoons, of my non-dairy creamer. Then I glob on some cream of corn and mix it all around.

It’s pretty good!


4 thoughts on “Meal Tip and ‘Goop’ Recipe

  1. This looks great! I love the combination of pasta, peas and corn – I have it all the time with different things. It tastes especially good with the Cambrooke cheedar or mozzarella shreds. I have not yet tried putting in some basil but i certainly shall next time!

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