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My Pregnancy So Far

Happy Rare Disease Day! I thought today would be a perfect day to write an update about my pregnancy.

I am happy to say that the morning sickness phase has passed. I can’t say I had it as bad as other people, but it was unpleasant. I didn’t throw up every morning, I just felt nauseated pretty frequently. Especially at night, actually. But I managed to get through by eating crackers, rice cakes, apple sauce, etc. throughout the day in order to stave off the worst. I also found that if I was busy I did much better than if I was bored with nothing better to think about than how sick I felt. This also helped with the emotional down that naturally comes with feeling sick so often. I was always able to drink my formula, fortunately. My friend and social worker at the PKU clinic told me that protein can actually help nausea.

So I’ve felt much better for a while now, and right now I’m over 23 weeks along. I have even been able to exercise! Nothing too intense, just a little jogging (interspersed with walking) and maybe some aerobic routines of my own creation to my music in the living room. : ) And of course, stretching. It has felt nice. I believe exercising while pregnant helps give you energy, feel less discomfort, and I like to think it will make my labor and recovery easier. Here’s an article about exercising during pregnancy. I’m also enjoying having a definite bump without being too huge yet.

Me around 22 weeks going on an easy hike in the snow

On the PKU front, each week for the past 3 weeks my blood Phe levels have been on the low end. So I have been trying to get more Phe in my diet, without getting too much of course. I bought a loaf of white bread that has 3 g of protein per slice (more than my usual 2), I have been liberal with rice and french fries and even indulged in the occasional vanilla ice cream. But still low levels! So this week my dietician is having me put some cow’s milk into my formula. It’s not a problem, I did that all growing up and it wasn’t until after high school when my family was going to Europe that we took it out so I could have the occasional piece of bread while we were in the land of pizza. So hopefully that helps get my levels up. This baby needs protein to grow!

Well, happy PKU-ing!


3 thoughts on “My Pregnancy So Far

  1. Hi! Im Scottie and I am 26 yrs old and I have PKU. We found out that I was pregnant around 10 weeks ago. I am 13 weeks now. I have been monitoring my levels twice a week with my doctors and have had great levels so far. I am struggling to keep up eating a lot of calories since right now I can eat very little. My levels need to be at 175 right now. Any meals that u had that u would suggest that has lots of calories but also stays in my 175 level. Thanks and Congrats! Scottie

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