Japanese Curry for dinner!

Today was one of those days where I didn’t make it to the grocery store like I planned. I knew I had bell peppers, but wasn’t feeling stuffed peppers and we had already had fajitas. I looked in the freezer and remembered I had butternut squash! I found these awesome pre-cut packages at Sprouts. I love that, because those squashes take SO much work to peel, de-seed and cut. Anyway the idea that came into my head was curry! I used to make this all the time during college. My husband isn’t big curry fan so it’s been a while since I’ve made it. But tonight I needed to make do with what I had, and I felt that this would be a pretty good option! Lots of veggies and tasty (to me, anyway). I served it with white rice, but you could use low-protein rice.


I have used all different vegetables when making this. But tonight I used:

Yellow onion

Green and Yellow bell peppers

Butternut squash

Frozen peas

The sauce:

Golden Curry (I like mild)

Coconut milk


I’m not sure how much Phe is in the curry but it’s 1 g protein for 1 block (1/5 of package)

Coconut milk has 231 mg Phe per cup


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