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Easy everyday snack

Tomato Sandwich


I make this all the time because it’s so easy and so good! All you need is:

1 slice low-protein or white bread


sliced tomato

garlic salt

I like to toast the bread. It’s so yummy that way!

Add some chips and a fruit to make a complete meal.

I sometimes do variations by adding avocado, cucumber or pickles. You could add red onion, spinach or lettuce as well. Just be creative! I remember in elementary school I went through a phase where I really liked a low-protein sandwich with mayo, cauliflower and mustard. Weird, right? But I loved it!

I personally think that simple foods like this taste really good. I think getting creative helps us enjoy the foods we CAN have and not worry so much about all the foods we can’t eat.


One thought on “Easy everyday snack

  1. I eat this all the time (non PKU)! You can add some Indian Green Chutney for a Chutney Sandwich (Mayo, Chutney, and tomatoes/cucumbers)… Delicious 🙂

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