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Another yummy pasta dish


This may look similar to a pasta dish I posted in the past…It is really similar. Just thought I would share what I made last night. It was mostly a spontaneous recipe adapted from what I was making for my husband (sun-dried tomato pesto tuna sandwich). Here is a rough outline (I’m not an exact recipe type person).

Low protein fusili

Sun-dried tomatoes, in oil and Italian herbs

Fresh basil, chopped

1 T Mayonaise

Garlic salt


I cooked up the pasta. I drained some of the oil from the jar of sun-dried tomatoes onto the pasta. I sliced the tomatoes into smaller pieces and added those. I chopped the basil and threw that on. I spooned in a dollip of mayonaise and finished it off with garlic salt (a staple of mine) and pepper. It was really good!

I also sauteed some onions and zucchini for a veggie.

Give it a try!

What are some of your favorite veggies to put with pasta?


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