Formula · Living with PKU

Road Trip!

My husband and I are headed out for a weekend trip to southern Utah. In addition to packing some food to save money, I of course have to pack my formula. The red thing is  my cooler with ice packs. I like to pre-measure formula for vacations, that way I don’t have to bring my scale. When I’m camping I just shake it up in the morning, but if I’m going to be in a hotel (which I definitely will be at this point in my pregnancy) I bring my hand-held blender. I always make sure the hotel has a refrigerator. I like my formula cold — so much that I put water in the fridge every night so I can have cold formula in the morning. 


So that’s what my set-up looks like! I know everyone has different routines with formula. These are the containers I’ve used for years. And for whatever reason I prefer drinking out of a straw. Everyone has different formula too. I drink phenyl-free 2, by the way.

Off we go for one last trip before the baby comes! : ) 


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