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My Little Herb Garden! : )

This post is following the example of Nicole Merrifield, who posted a while back about her herb garden. Check out her post. It is definitely a good idea to consider because home grown herbs are an inexpensive way to make low-protein food more interesting.

Here it is! I am very excited about this. On the left is yellow pear tomatoes, then there is English thyme infront of my flower, and then my favorites: basil and cilantro in the tin basket.


Ideas for cooking:

Basil is of course good with anything Italian – pasta with marinera sauce or sauteed with fresh veggies (such as tomatoes!). But it also goes well in Thai dishes.

Cilantro is great with low-protein pasta salad, in Mexican food (low-protein mexi-rice), Asian food (stir fry, curry, etc.)

What do you cook with herbs?

This was a pretty low-cost project:

The herbs cost $1.50 each

I got the tin basket at a thrift store, and the green square pot at the dollar store

Walmart has 4 lb bags of potting soil for 98 cents.


One thought on “My Little Herb Garden! : )

  1. Love your herb garden, Elisa! You’ll have to let me know how they do over time. My cilantro has grown almost out of control since I first planted them. And my cherry tomato plants have finally started to sprout tiny tomatoes, although they are still green and not yet ready to pick.


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