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Taco Salad

Mexi Rice Recipe

I’ve been wanting to post how to make my mexi rice for a while now. My mom made this whenever the family was having burritos and I loved it. I realized yesterday when I was eating this that the corn is the best part. I think I like corn a little too much.

Last night's taco salad
Last night’s taco salad

It’s really easy.

You take rice (all growing up I used low-protein rice and it was just as good, but lately I’ve been using white rice because I can tolerate it and I often have it on hand) and add some tomato sauce (ketchup works too if you don’t have that on hand and don’t want to go shopping). You can squirt a little lime juice on there too. Then add taco seasoning. I always include some frozen corn. I think my mom heated it with the rice on the stove, but when I’m using leftover rice I just microwave the corn separately.

That’s pretty much it for the rice! If you can tolerate it have it with a soft tortilla, a taco shell, or some tortilla chips. Are there low-protein tortillas? Then of course you can add the toppings which I think are pretty low or free: Green onions, tomatoes and cilantro are what I had last night but you can add lettuce as well and I also love some avocado and salsa on there!


2 thoughts on “Taco Salad

  1. That looks really good! Thanks for the recipe. I have always made my mexican rice by browning it and adding ketchup to the water while it cooks but never thought of adding the veggies and just having that as the main meal. I have made a low pro recipe for taco shells before that are delicious that I can give you if you want it. They taste really good and the dough can be rolled and and frozen then quickly cooked but if you can tolerate the phe corn tortillas aren’t that bad depending on your tolerance to phe.

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