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Zucchini Stroganoff – cooking success!


Ok I am so excited about this! Lately I have been getting more into cooking. In the past it has been a little stressful for me. This is probably partly because I didn’t have much practice — I simply hadn’t developed the skill very much. But for the most part I think it’s because I was torn between my idealistic desire to eat mostly whole foods, and the reality of being a young, inexperienced, low- budget, convenience-seeking mom cooking for myself with PKU plus a husband with opposite nutritional needs.

I have embraced that I appreciate meals that are easy to cook. Also, the further I get away from my college years, where life is fast-paced and stressful, and happily settle into my slower, (though at times stressful in a whole new way) life as a wife, mother and home-maker I have found more motivation and mental energy to put towards cooking yummy meals. I have taken on trickier recipes and enjoyed it!

So anyway, with this new-found confidence and enjoyment of cooking I was lying awake one night thinking of the crock-pot stroganoff I often make for my husband and how good it smells. Normally when I make that for him I make myself some “goop.” But as I lie awake in bed I decided next time I would try making my own stroganoff…without the beef. The next day this idea developed into using vegetables besides mushrooms. I looked up vegetarian stroganoff and didn’t see one that looked good. But I like zucchini so I thought I’d give it a try. I was really happy with how it turned out!

As a disclaimer, I have a relatively mild case of PKU, plus I am nursing a 1 year old and my levels have been pretty low giving me even more flexibility. This recipe may be a little high in Phe for some PKUers. I still feel it is worth sharing because maybe the idea can inspire a recipe with similar flavor, but suited for your individual needs. For example, maybe the sour cream could be taken out and possibly be replaced with heavy whipping cream.

First step, sautee onions and garlic in olive oil


While those cook slice zucchini



I use Better than Boullion for my beef broth. I got this ready (in the microwave, actually) then added it to the vegetables so the zucchini could soak up that beef flavor



The I added the mushrooms, onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup. After emptying the cream of mushroom can I just add less than half a can of water to thin it out.


I was so happy with how this meal turned out and it was so fun to have a new flavor on my menu! Also, my husband doesn’t need meat every night so this was his meal too. Besides the separate pasta, I loved having both of our meals in the same pan!



  • 1 Tb Olive oil
  • 1 medium yellow onion, sliced
  • 2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 cup quartered zucchini
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 1 cup mushrooms
  • 1 (1 oz) packet onion soup mix
  • 1 (15 oz) can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • A least 2 servings Low-protein pasta


  1. Slice the onions in large slices and sautee in olive oil over medium heat for about 3 minutes
  2. Add the garlic, turn the heat to low and let the onions cook until they are soft and translucent
  3. Boil water and cook low-protein pasta of your choice according to package directions
  4. Return heat to medium, add the quartered zucchini and beef broth and cook until the zucchini becomes softer and you can see the seeds
  5. Add mushrooms, onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup. Add less than half a can of water and mix it all together. Cook until everything is warm
  6. A few minutes before serving stir in the sour cream
  7. Serve zucchini stroganoff over  low-protein pasta

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