New Milk!



I have recently started using a different milk for my cereal.



For someone who likes to stick to her routine, this is kind of big. For many years now I have used Mocha Mix non-dairy creamer on my cereal. I still really like mocha mix, but it is expensive and I was getting annoyed with buy two different expensive milks for my husband and I. My husband likes almond milk. Almond milk is pretty low in protein (only 1 g for a whole cup), but I just didn’t like the way it tasted!

So one day I tried this almond coconut blend. It was pretty good but I could still taste the almond loud and clear. But after a week of traveling and drinking almond milk for convenience, I got used to it and this stuff now tastes great to me! It also only has 1 g of protein for a cup. Now we only buy one kind of milk. Yay!

What do you pour on breakfast cereal?


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