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Southwest Salad

This is another restaurant inspiration. I’ll admit, when we were first married, my cooking repertoire was sort of small. When I was single I was ok repeating spaghetti, pasta, tomato soup, etc. But Now that I have a family I like to create variety. I have gradually been collecting more and more recipes that are simple and reasonably healthy. There are plenty of recipes out there of course, but it has taken me time to find the ones that work well for me.

Recently my husband had southwest salad at a buffet we went to, and loved it. So I went home to look up recipes. I soon realized this is one of those recipes that could be really complicated, but doesn’t need to be. Also, it was one that can be easily adapted for my diet, so the work for one meal is making two. That is always nice when you are cooking for both PKU and normal eaters!

So here is my southwest salad recipe:


Iceberg lettuce

Onion (could be green, red or white…I had white on hand this time)

Corn (canned or frozen, thawed)

Tomatoes, diced

Avocado, cubed


Tortilla strips

Online I found lots of recipes for different dressings, but I preferred to just go with the quick and easy way of simply mixing BBQ sauce and ranch. It tastes delicious! I would guess I did about 2 parts ranch, 1 part BBQ sauce. (you know me, I’m an estimator)


For your information, for the PROTEIN VERSION I add black beans, possibly canned chicken, and shredded cheese. That’s it! Two versions of one easy, tasty meal.


5 thoughts on “Southwest Salad

  1. Another idea for salad dressing is a can of tomato soup mixed with a 1/4 or a1/3 cup olive oil and a packet of taco seasoning. Very low phe and my husband loves it too.

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