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Creative Cooking for PKU Families Event

This Saturday I went to an awesome event hosted by my PKU clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, sponsored by BioMarin Pharmeceutical Inc.

It was held in a cooking studio called AndyFood. There were a couple presentations followed by a cooking workshop by Chef Andy Broder. I learned some interesting things, got inspired about cooking and met a bunch of awesome people!

IMG_3125Me and baby! I could not have made it through this event without the help of various wonderful dietitians that held and distracted an over-tired baby girl while I mingled and cooked.



One of my favorite parts was hearing from Christine Brown, the Executive Director of the National PKU Alliance. She got us up to date on the latest goings on in research, education, support and advocacy. So much good stuff! One piece of news I found particularly interesting is that soon they will be launching a website specifically geared toward adults. Topics featured will include weight management, bone health, maternal PKU etc. Here is the statement on NPKUA’s webpage:

Plans are underway to create an adult focused website that will serve as the virtual home of the program and a community base for adults with PKU. Conceptually developed by adults with PKU, and specifically geared to the education and social support of PKU Adults, the website will be the only one of its kind. The hope is that this platform will also serve as an educational center for all aspects of adult PKU with educational webinars, short instructional videos, and social networking capabilities.

Cooking workshop

Andy demonstrated how to make several low-protein dishes and then let us jump in and help in the preparation.

Andy and his Sous-Chef

IMG_3130 IMG_3131

The most inspiring parts for me were learning of two new ideas for meat subsitutes:


He used this in ministrone soup as well in a stroganoff — shake n’ bake style.

Jack Fruit

This stuff sort of shreds like pulled pork! So it tasted great in his BBQ pulled jackfruit sliders recipe. I hope to try these myself so look for upcoming blog posts!



Potatoes au gratin with sweet potatoes, low-protein rice, and vegan cheese


Everyone helping out


Grant (resident young PKU super-star) making biscuits!


An awesome couple I met who has an 8-month old baby with PKU. They were smart and got a baby-sitter. 🙂 They are gonna rock low-protein cooking for their son!


Minestrone soup with jicama, other veggies and low-protein rice


Elena loved everything! And she does not have PKU, so that means it was really good 🙂


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