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2nd Pregnancy Going Smoothly

I announced on the facebook page a while back that we are expecting baby # 2 this August! Just thought I’d post some pictures and an update here on the blog.

32 weeks and 5 days today

We are excited to be having another GIRL!


Good thing my husband loves girls. 🙂 And we hope to have a boy or two in the future.

I have been feeling pretty darn well, really can’t complain. I get a bit tired. And I am all for exercising during pregnancy, but that has kind of taken a back seat to taking care of a toddler and surviving the horrendous Arizona heat this time around.

On the PKU front, I have continued to send in my finger poke blood about every week and am in touch with my dietician. My levels tend to get a little low with this baby sucking all my protein, so I now eat gluten-free pasta instead of low-protein. Also, some of my OTHER essential amino acids have gotten low this time around. That was a new one for me! So I have added cow’s milk to my formula and will get my amino acids checked again tomorrow at a lab.

Other than that I am excited to meet our baby girl. It will certainly be a challenge – loosing sleep, nursing again, adjusting to having two, helping my toddler adjust. But it is SUCH a privilege to be a mother. I am just so grateful God gives us this opportunity. These little ones are just so precious and it is amazing to watch them grow and realize that your nurturing makes all the difference.

My bright little girl just turned 2!!!
Our little family ❤

And I am thankful to be healthy and to have such “easy” pregnancies. And despite the challenges of motherhood, I know with God’s help, I can do this!

August, come quick!


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