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Baby Abigail

Our daughter was born August 11 around 9:00 pm. I had a wonderful un-medicated birth experience. She was 7 lb 10 oz. She felt so small to me! You forget how small babies are. She is so precious and we are happy she’s here.


IMG_4046Elena loves her baby sister but definitely also needs a lot of attention from mom in order to not feel left out.


I am exclusively breastfeeding like I did with Elena. I thought it would be easy because I’ve done it before but it was definitely a challenge for a while. I actually think Abigail has a lip tie which makes it hard for her to get a good latch. Things have improved, but I am looking into treating that.

Her newborn screening came back normal. So that’s nice!

We are doing well and enjoying adjusting to being a family of four!


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