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New Milk Carafe

Recently my husband, the main dish-doer in our house, declared that this milk pitcher needed to go (and you know when I say ‘milk’ I mean formula, right? Anyone else call it that?). The handle was just too awkward to keep clean (who’s idea was that anyway? Yuck). Bye bye.

Well my favorite milk pitcher (below with the blue lid) is impossible to find now, so I looked online for another option. I have 2 but it’s nice to have 3 in case we get behind on dishes.


I found this one. Kinda different, but it’s been fine! This biggest qualification for a milk pitcher is that my hand held blender needs to fit in it. This one works!

What do you use for your formula? I imagine a lot of people use formula in pre-packed pouches. In fact, when I took this survey last week, and saw that my formula wasn’t even listed among like 50 different types, I realized that my phenyl-free 2 must be pretty old school! But it’s working for us, so I’m not gonna change it any time soon.


4 thoughts on “New Milk Carafe

  1. So nice of you to post. I just want to be clear that you are using your hand held blender inside the container to mix up the “milk”–right? And there is nothing else we need to know.

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