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A Reason for my Hope

The other day a good friend texted me, who now lives in a different state. She related to me an experience she had while at the zoo with her little daughter. She had offered to share a snack with a child nearby, when the mom said her daughter couldn’t eat it, because it had too much protein. My friend asked if the child had PKU. That about blew they lady over with shock that this random stranger at the zoo had heard of PKU! I wish I could have been there to see. The woman said no one ever knew what PKU is.

My friend explained that because of me she was familiar with it. The mom was interested to know that I was an adult with PKU and amazed to hear that I have two daughters of my own. My friend mentioned that I blog about PKU. All of this seemed to give the women new inspiration and relief from some of the worries she had for her child. IMG_5050

Getting that text made me smile. It is moments like those that I live for. To see the relief in a new PKU parent’s face, and to feel that they suddenly have more hope for their child’s future, means everything to me. Times like those make me SO grateful that God let me have PKU, so that I can hopefully build up and encourage young people or new parents that it will be ok, and that you (or your child) can live life to the fullest!


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