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Low-Protein Grocery Store Tour

I recently had the chance to receive a grocery store tour of all the low-protein options in a regular store. Tiffany, a Biomarin clinical coordinator, reached out to me an offered to give the tour. I brought my two little girls to our local Kroger store, and we walked the entire place, looking at all the lower-protein foods available. I took lots of pictures so I could share them here.

Every person with PKU has a different tolerance, so you’ll have to decide which foods fit into your diet or your child’s diet, but I know when you have PKU, you can always use more ideas! So hopefully something here will inspire you with an idea for making your diet a little easier or more interesting.

There was so much, I’ll stick to main-dish type foods this time. Look for a post on snacks and treats next week.

Gluten-free products are a good go-to if they are an option for you. They are almost always much lower in protein.AJWP3321

Tiffany said sometimes the store brand gluten-free pasta has lower protein than the other gluten-free brands.AOWL6693

In the produce section, Tiffany showed me a rutabaga and said they are a good low-protein root vegetable you can use to make chips or fries.


She also mentioned Chef Kevin Brown’s idea of using sweet potatoes to make “bacon”, by frying thin strips of sweet potatoes in bacon fat. There is no protein in the fat, and it gives it a nice flavor!

I chose to go to the nicer Kroger store (my local one is a little sketchy) and they had quite a selection of foods. In the produce section they had pre-made squash and zucchini noodles! You can also make these yourself using one of these.IMG_6295

Tiffany suggested this “cheese” could be used to make low-protein mac ‘n cheese.


I didn’t take a picture of the nutrition facts on this bouillon, but it is protein-free. The bouillon cubes are also protein-free.IMG_6323

Breakfast toaster waffles: 1 g of protein for 2 waffles!PTBZ9631

Tofutti has a dairy free cream cheese that is pretty low.SZEG2063

These noodles are a PKU classic.TKCQ5835

Cauliflower is a good veggie to experiment with (search pinterest for ideas!) . It can be used as a meat-replacement, the base for pizza dough, and even rice! This is pre-made cauliflower “rice” in the frozen vegetable section.WCUB3040

These liquid aminos make a great replacement for soy sauce. Really low.WOXZ5105

For tortillas, corn is always an option. But Tiffany told me these gluten-free ones are a little softer and even lower in protein!VQKK4367

If buying low-protein cheese seems too expensive, you can buy this American “cheese product” at your local store for like $1 and it has zero protein.


So there you go! Thank you to Tiffany for giving me the tour!

The tour took almost an hour and with the help of a few snacks along the way, my girls (age 4 and 2) did PRETTY well considering. They may have been running through the freezer isles by the end, but we made it.

IMG_6302 (2)

For more low-protein ideas, check out my pinterest board.

Next week I will post about all the snack foods and treats I saw on the tour.


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