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8 Low-Protein Snacks at the Grocery Store

Last week I posted about my grocery store tour with Biomarin clinical coordinator, Tiffany. Today I’m sharing the snack foods I saw while there. All of these were found in my local Kroger store. Basic crackers. That’s 0.3 g of protein. Cookies Apple butter for biscuits, pancakes or toast. We use this a lot in… Continue reading 8 Low-Protein Snacks at the Grocery Store

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The Formula Mindset

Is my formula medicine or food? I recently got an email asking for help with motivation to drink the formula, when you don’t “feel the effects.” This caused me to stop and think — how should we be thinking about our formula? Is it like a medicine that makes you feel better like ibuprofin when… Continue reading The Formula Mindset

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Embracing PKU

It’s actually pretty cool… “What’s that?” is a question I get a LOT. Whether it’s drinking my medical formula or eating special low-protein pastas or skipping out on pizza (“…you don’t want pizza?”),  I’ve often drawn attention to myself at social gatherings. But having different eating habits is something I’ve had to accept. I think… Continue reading Embracing PKU