I Am

I Am

And I could add…. a sister, a mac-user, a popcorn-popper, a BYU Singers alum, a blogger, a trip-planner, a world traveler, a home-maker, a shy-extrovert, a documentary watcher…the list goes on and on!

PKU is such a small part of my identity. Following the PKU diet allows you to have not just a normal life, but a wonderful one!

5 thoughts on “I Am

  1. I am the mother of a bright, beautiful, sweet, amazing one year old girl with Hyper-Phe. Seeing your page gives me hope that she can and will reach her full potential. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi, my name is Vid. I come from Slovenia and I am 21yo living with PKU. I came across this site while searching for some exchange programs for people with phenylketonuria. I’d love to travel around the world more but there is always the obvious problem of what and where would I eat.
    Me and my family are opened to accept anyone for a week or two here in Slovenia (its a beautifull country;). So if anyone here has similar interests please write me to my mail: Vidprg@gmail.com

  3. Hi am Lorna 28 from Sunderland england I ment my husband 5 years ago I explaind to him about Pku as I have it and we r planing on having a family this year if any one got any meal ideas for me please let me know many thanks

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