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Explaining the PKU Diet

Growing up following the PKU diet, you get a lot of questions. You drink a special formula, say ‘no’ to many foods, and often eat different food – and people notice. It can be hard to know how to explain PKU, because it is so rare and it’s unlike any food issue most people have… Continue reading Explaining the PKU Diet

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Interview with Alissa Doerner: A Classic PKU Story

Alissa is a special education teacher, a 5k runner, and a world traveler. She also has classic PKU. Here is her story. What was it like growing up with Classic PKU? Growing up with Classic PKU was just like anyone else growing up, I just ate differently. Classic PKU, my special diet, my formula, and… Continue reading Interview with Alissa Doerner: A Classic PKU Story

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The Formula Mindset

Is my formula medicine or food? I recently got an email asking for help with motivation to drink the formula, when you don’t “feel the effects.” This caused me to stop and think — how should we be thinking about our formula? Is it like a medicine that makes you feel better like ibuprofin when… Continue reading The Formula Mindset