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Chinese Dumplings – a Family Experience

It’s not what’s on your table, but who is around it that counts. Yesterday I attempted to make home-made boiled dumplings for the first time. This is something my family did and still does every year at New Year’s Eve, and it has become my all-time favorite holiday tradition. As a young adult, my Dad… Continue reading Chinese Dumplings – a Family Experience

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8 Low-Protein Snacks at the Grocery Store

Last week I posted about my grocery store tour with Biomarin clinical coordinator, Tiffany. Today I’m sharing the snack foods I saw while there. All of these were found in my local Kroger store. Basic crackers. That’s 0.3 g of protein. Cookies Apple butter for biscuits, pancakes or toast. We use this a lot in… Continue reading 8 Low-Protein Snacks at the Grocery Store