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It is OK to be Different!

Dealing with the PKU diet as a family note: this post was originally written for and posted on the Metabolic Disease Foundation’s blog about PKU One of the biggest concerns I have heard when talking to parents of PKU children, is how their child will deal with being different. Today I will share my perspective, writing… Continue reading It is OK to be Different!

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PKU and Taking Control of Your Life

TRU: The Real You — Taking Control: What I’ve Learned From Having PKU


One of my best friends has this awesome blog about TRU Beauty to help women and girls come to know their true value and potential. This week she featured an article I wrote about what I’ve learned from having PKU. Check it out and ‘Like’ their facebook page!

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Embracing PKU

It’s actually pretty cool… “What’s that?” is a question I get a LOT. Whether it’s drinking my medical formula or eating special low-protein pastas or skipping out on pizza (“…you don’t want pizza?”),  I’ve often drawn attention to myself at social gatherings. But having different eating habits is something I’ve had to accept. I think… Continue reading Embracing PKU